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Import media from web or local PC
Supports upload, display of any image file that are stored locally, or remotely .
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E-learning version-5

The E-learning version5 is a information resource for learning and development professionals and academics and staff developers. Each entry is reviewed by the Editor before it is placed on the e-Learning Centre site. The e-Learning Centre is provided by E-learning version5 The developers of e-learning version5 merge the skills and experience of a university professor, a certified classroom teacher, a private instructor, a curriculum and evaluation specialist, an educational philosopher, and university-based researchers into the effective uses of Web-based learning, in addition to a Web designer and a multimedia specialist.

Features of E-learning Script Version 5:

* Web Conferencing

  • Preview Mode
  • Webcam Conferencing

* Online Document Sharing

* Import media from web or local PC

* Chatting Module

  • One to one Chat
  • Group Chat

* Various mathematics tools

  • Fraction Tool
  • Matrix Tool
  • Grid Tool, etc

* Drawing Tools

  • Rectangle Tool, etc

* Ban or Kick a user from the Classroom

*My settings

* Classes and Courses:- ( New)

  • Add class and courses
  • Upcoming Class List
  • Running Class List
  • Completed Class List
  • Upload/Download files in each class/course
  • Get tutor and student list in each class

* Book and Join class/course ( New)

* Membership Payment(By tutor and subdomain)
( New)

* Browse Tutor By class/course/Country ( New)

* Report Management ( New)

  • Booking Payment Report List
  • Membership Payment List

* Chat History

* Tell a Friend

* Ebook Store ( New)

* Workshop ( New)

* Test Series ( New)

* Case Study ( New)

* Search teacher

* Message management

  • Student Message List
  • Tutor Message List

* Confirmation email sent

* Live support

E-learning version5

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