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Import media from web or local PC
Supports upload, display of any image file that are stored locally, or remotely .
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We, at onlineclassroomsoftware, are promised to provide complete e-learning website and software solution and strive for customer satisfaction. Our e-learning software powers your online education with reliability and predictable costs. It's easily the simplest e-Learning solution to set up and manage, yet it delivers an incredibly robust tool set.

We also offer additional customization according to customer's specific requirement and services including installation, hosting and custom unique designs for your E-learning web site. Our some features are like Online Document Sharing, Web Conferencing, Import Media from Web or Local PC, One to one & Group Chat etc.

  • Web Conferencing
    •  Preview Mode
    •  Broadcast Mode
    •  Webcam Conferencing
  • Online Document Sharing
  • Import media from web or local PC
  • Chatting Module
    •  One to one Chat
    •  Group Chat
  • Various mathematic tools
    •  Fraction Tool
    •  Matrix Tool
    •  Grid Tool, etc
  • Drawing Tools
    •  Line Tool
    •  Color Tool
    •  Rectangle Tool, etc
  • Ban or Kick a user from the Classroom
  • Live Tutors(Display list of teachers who are currently login).
  • Offline Tutors(Display list of teachers who are not currently login)
  • Browse By Subject(Display list of subjects then when clicked give list of teachers who take that subject..)
  • My settings
  • View schedule
  • Tell a Friend
  • Book classroom
  • Buy Credits
    •  In this section a user can buy credits to enter in class
  • My Balance
    (Here user can check his remaining credit balance)
  • Ebook Store
  • Workshop(Downloadable assignments).
  • Best tutor
  • Search teacher
  • Refer a friend
  • Security between both type of clients ends and backend
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Seo Management
  • Message management
    •  Student Message List
    •  Tutor Message List
  • Search engine (search by keyword, username)
  • Different payment methods
  • Confirmation email sent
  • Live support
  • Event Gallery
  • User Interface Setting
    •  Shows general settings for the adminstrator to maintain the site
  • Student management
    •  Student list
    •  Amount Transfer
    •   Blocked Student
    •   Online Student
  • Tutor management
    •  Tutor list
    •  Blocked Tutor
    •   Online Tutor
  • Subject management
    •  Subject list
  • Class management
    •  Classroom list
    •  Schedule classes
    •  Open classes
  • Allocation management
    •  Student Allocation
    •  Tutor Allocation
  • Schedule management
    •  Student Schedule list
    •  Tutor Schedule list
  • Request management
    •  Request Student Allocation
    •  Request Tutor Allocation
  • Content Manager
    •  Static pages
    •  Email List
  • Price management
    •  Price list
    •  Packet List
  • Report Management
    •  Payment Report
  • News Management
    •  News List
  • E-mail management
    •  Tutor E-mail list
    •  Student E-mail list
  • Message management
    •  Tutor Message List
    •  Student Message List
  • Testimonial Management
    •  Allow Admin to see comments of user
  • Event Management
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