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Import media from web or local PC
Supports upload, display of any image file that are stored locally, or remotely .
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Import media from web or local PC

E-learning is going more popular everyday due to its flexibility, distance E-learning solutions, time and cost saving features. The term E-learning is ambiguous to those outside the e-learning industry, and even within its diverse disciplines it has different meanings to different people. As for the companies it is the best and cost effective way to deliver training course to their employees and for the universities it is used to explain a specific mode to attend a program of study due to geographical bars or can't meet the tutors for face to face learning.

Some benefits of E-learning in short are:-

  • Anywhere, anytime
  • Cost saving
  • Flexibility
  • Specific learning
  • Global Interaction with other participants and tutors

E-learning software provide the facility to the students and tutors also to attend the class without boundation of physical appearance. They can also stop learning sessions at their convenience. E-learning enables learners to develop required skills for knowledge-based workers by embedding the use of information and communications technologies within the curriculum. Our E-learning software are completely designed as per your requirements included latest robust tool set with consulting, content, technologies, services and support - the five main key factor of E-learning industry.

We understand your need and design robust E-learning solution starting from content optimization, E-learning strategies and integrated E-learning into your frame work. We provide all the planning, delivery, tracking, testing, and reporting functionality that most e-Learning software will ever need with the complete solution including features like Web Conferencing, Document Sharing, Live Classroom, E-book Store, Workshop, One to one and Group Chat.

Templates let developer focus their creativity on unique content and interactivity, not on building the structure and handling administrative details and Ensure a complete structure for a course. Our E-leaning software provides the facility to import media from web or your local PC. You can upload images in the format like as jpg, png, gif, swf from your PC or from the web of your choice and selection, which may required you for study, completing your assignments or to explore something. Tutor and students can upload, share images or presentation in their classroom for knowledge enhancements.

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